The WooCommerce Add Cart Ajax Button loads page on finish request

I faced a issue working with WooCommerce where I used ajax buttons for my add to cart actions in the shop page and when I clicked on them instead of kept me in the same page (as ajax is for) they reloaded the shop page, I had to figure out why. When add to cart … Continue reading “The WooCommerce Add Cart Ajax Button loads page on finish request”

Fix ‘auto_increment’ lost in WordPress database

Has been a while without posting and I’m here again with something totally different but useful anyway. I’m gonna talk about self experience building a web page in WordPress, it’s a short one, let’s go: id field of wp tables has lost its auto_increment property Maybe more people have faced this situation that I explain … Continue reading “Fix ‘auto_increment’ lost in WordPress database”

OpenGL + SDL engine (I)

Disclaimer: this is my very first post ever so feel free to give me feedback about text formatting, english mistakes, my writing or technical questions, thanks. This particular post is about struggles I went through starting up an engine with OpenGL and SDL lib from the very beginning, but while I was writing the title I … Continue reading “OpenGL + SDL engine (I)”